Friday, October 28, 2011

Amber Ink - Go Orange!

Hi All,
Great News! I've been handed the Orange Amber Ink torch for November.  Thanks Michelle.

My first post for Amber Ink is Monday, October 31st - it's going to be "Super".

Amber's illustrations are SO fun.  Digi's are available as jpeg or tiff files. There are sets and individual images. She has great i-papers too...downloads you print yourself. 

This is a one month race, 6 posts. I already have on my running shoes, so I'm ready to start!  Check out Amber Ink blog!

The torches have been passed...

BRONZE: From Susanna Sirviö to Kirsi Kirjavainen aka Pipertäjä

BLUE: From Kristin Robbins to Leigh Penner

PURPLE: From Esther Porter to Jessica

ORANGE: From Michelle Single to Debra Miller 

Are you Ready?? Let the games begin! 

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Heeheehee...let the games begin indeed! Great catch Debra. Can hardly WAIT!!! I'm saving myself a front row seat.

  2. Whoo Hoo!! I am so excited to be carrying the torch with you this month!!

  3. Congrats! I look forward to what you have in store.