Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{TAC} Post 1: Enjoy the Scenery

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Today is the first official post for {TAC} Design Team.  I decided to share part of my presentation from Seminar in June 2011.  I shared how to create a background that is not there or fully drawn.  My example was my 2011 catalog cover submission, using TAC Enjoy the Scenery. 

Copic Colors: Path YR21, YR23, YR24; Lettering YR23, YR24
Greenery YG91, YG93, YG95, YG97, Water B000

First, I examined the image looking for clues from the illustrator.  There are some hints.  There is a little squiggle in the front wheel which I took as the edge of the road or at least to suggest direction.  There looks like a lake behind her with the reflections of trees in the water.  So I used a feathering motion to create the trees, water, golden path and grass. I color from light to dark building depth.

Notice I colored right through the lady on the bike.  I did this to make it easier on myself.  I wanted smooth  transitions and complete coverage. She will be paper pieced in a later step.  

Next, I added some sky (light blue chalk) and distressed the edges with Palette Cognac and Burnt Umber ink and a sponge.  This is one of my favorite aging techniques - creates a great vintage look.  Perfect for this image.   

Lastly, I added the lady to the bike. The trickiest part of this was to decide where her skirt ended.  All the parts of the bike near her skirt, pedal and handle bars are part of this extra piece.  I colored her shoe, skirt, gloves, face and hair.  Her coat is also paperpieced (TAC Maggie SWIC).  I've made several of these and sometimes I paperpieced the hat out of the same Maggie cardstock, sometimes it is colored. 

Copic Colors: Face E21, R02 (cheek), Hair E55, E57, E59, Skirt V06, V09, V15, Handle Bars W3, Wheels E59, Shoe and gloves YR21, YR23, YR24 

Front of card - closed
Close up of the image - you can better see where I paperpieced.  There is a natural place to separate the bike and the ladies skirt near the left knee above the fork of the bike.
Surprise!  There is more to this card.  It is an easel card and I continued the road.  You could add a post it note pad in the paths place and create a fun and functional desk top decoration.   More on that idea on the 26th our next {TAC} post.  Part 2 of my seminar presentation in 2 weeks.

I covered a lot of things in my presentation about design, tips and tricks, layouts, sketching, color selection, Copic techniques and "aha moments" from Copic Intermediate certification class I took the day before.  Drop me a note if there is something specific you would like me to blog about.  

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  1. Thank you sooooooooo much Deb for showing this online. I loved watching you at seminar and was amazed...I am fortunate to have one of these on my desk at work, so I get to think of you everyday! Beuatiful indeed!

  2. Breathtaking! Deb, I hadn't realized it was paperpieced - beautiful work. And an easel card? What a vision of beauty! Definately something to display...

  3. Amazing........ I have no other words.................. WOW

  4. Beautiful! Your coloring is just AMAZING!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! And thanks for showing the steps! WOW!

  6. Lovely, so good to have it here so we can keep looking at it!! it was such a blessing to have you there and been there at Seminar!! thanks for sharing such an amazing work!

  7. Absolutely amazing, Debra. Thanks for sharing the details. You did a beautiful job coloring and designing this card.

  8. I am so glad you posted this tutorial, loved your presentation at seminar. Now maybe I can actually put it to paper! Absolutely awesome.

  9. Beautuful Deb! Thank you for sharing this, with the rest of us who didn't make it to seminar!
    You are an amazing artist!

  10. I love this stamp and the tutorial you've done - I hope I did get this stamp! It's absolutely beautiful, the final result!