Sunday, November 6, 2011

Biblical Impressions: Scripture

Happy Sunday!

I mentioned the service project at church for our missionaries several weeks ago.  In my first Biblical Impressions post "Hope Love", I shared the card for the missionaries care packages.
I wanted to share one of the projects.  I thought this was an amazing idea.  We called it {30 Days of Encouragement}.

The idea was to create a package of cards, 30, with encouraging scripture on one side.  On the other side, the blank side, a personal message of encouragement or prayer or thank you was written during our service activity.  30 days worth of encouragement a new card, new prayer, new scripture each day. 

This was actually how I was recruited to help with this service project - my husband came home and asked if I would cut out the cards using my Nestabilities dies. I said sure. 

Little did I know that they wanted 30 for each missionary and we were creating care packages for 12 missionaries.  360 cards - whew. 

It went fast actually with my Grand Calibur.  I chose 6 dies and cut 2 sheets of cardstock at a time.  This actually cut and embossed at the same time with one run through the machine.  Praise God!

Then I chose 30 different scripture verses.  Biblical Impressions has whole sheets of amazing scripture verses, different fonts, different translations for a great variety.  They were really perfect.  Again Praise God!
This project was very well received and the personal messages written on the back of each card were truly amazing.  Turned out better than we could have ever imagined.  Praise God! 

I packaged them using a clear envelope and made a simple header with kraft cardstock (4.25 x 4.5"). The resealable end of the envelope is at the bottom so it can be opened and the cards can be taken out without removing the header. I punched 2 holes through the folded header and bottom of the envelope about 1/2" in and tied it all together with a ribbon.

I really loved this project.  My prayer is that the missionaries are uplifted by this personalized and prayer filled gift from those who created their care package.

Blessings this week...